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  Ma anshan changhong machinery knife mould co., LTD is located in Chinacutlery township of maanshan city, the company to the inception has beencommitted to various types of plastic shredding machine, metalshredding machine, shredding machine case and the research anddevelopment of shredding machine blade, top quality, advancedtechnology. Adopt imported steel and all kinds of precision machineries,and cooperate with the different specifications of high quality blade.On the basis of quality and innovation, we are committed to developingnew products with high technology content. We will increase marketcompetitiveness and expand the market.


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  • A woven bag mill in

    Customer name: Beijing woven bag crushing factory.

    Customer evaluation: the shredding machine is in our house in ma on shan mayor hong machinery co., LTD., buy high and two voltage cutting die, their boss are super good, every time be kind, very patient answer my every question, and the working efficiency of the shredding machine also particularly high, their blades are made of alloy steel, special service life is long, I don't have to always change the blade, saved me a lot of time, their home shredding machine at work less noise and dust are shredding machine much less than that of the other home, home to some of my colleague I have ever seen them shredding machine work scene, such a comparison, I was very surprise.

  • A garbage pulverizin

    Customer name: hefei a garbage crushing plant.

    Customer evaluation: this is the first time we have long and ma an shan changhong machinery manufacturing co., LTD., I have heard about their products, we often mentioned several peer exchange, exchange meeting some friends said they home products not only of good quality and efficiency are particularly high, just our house machines there are also some fixed number of year, often out of order, I want to change machine and machine work well, I can make more money, this point is very clear to me, so I got in touch with them, their speed will soon be sent to me, also very good service attitude, bought their house shredding machine from used haven't appeared a little fault, now I feel satisfied with that.

  • A mechanical process

    Customer name: a mechanical processing plant in zhengzhou.

    Cooperation project: shredding machine series.

    Customer evaluation: after a friend introduced to mayor ma an shan changhong machinery co., LTD., started cooperation still have some hesitation, afraid of product quality and after-sales service not guaranteed, but the fact proved that our choice not wrong, shredding machine of good quality, durable, worth buying.

  • A waste product trea

    Customer name: xinyang a waste treatment plant.

    Customer evaluation: Changhong mechanical shredding machine blade for our machine processing and help is very big, the blade hardness and toughness is higher, operation is stable, all kinds of waste products can be easily torn, because we are buying large, also gave preferential on price, for maintenance, the boss also specially and us.


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Ma'anshan Changhong machine knife mould Co.

Add: Anhui city of Ma'anshan Province Bo Wang Chang Yu Industrial Park

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